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Mercury amalgam removal fact sheet

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When having your mercury amalgam fillings removed, the following health tips will help keep you vital and healthy before, during and after your treatment.

  • Take plenty of antioxidants! This will help boost your immune system and minimise damage from free radicals. Eat lots of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables such as berries, citrus, carrots and tomatoes along with green leafy vegetables to help protect your body.
  • Be sure to include lots of lean protein in your diet as the amino acids found in meat and fish will help in supporting the detoxification process of the liver and kidneys.
  • Garlic is a potent form of sulphur which helps to eliminate heavy metals from the body. Use it as a food rather than a supplement. The best way to cook it is to roast a bulb whole and it becomes smooth and less pungent. Squeeze it out and spread it through pasta or on toast to get a good dose each day.
  • Include a course of beneficial probiotic bacteria to keep your digestive and immune systems healthy. Make sure it contains both acidophilus and bifidobacterium to protect all areas of the digestive tract.
  • Selenium is a potent trace mineral which helps in the mercury detoxification process. To get your daily dose, simply eat three Brazil nuts a day.
  • Vegetarian protein powder supplements are rich in glutathione to help support the liver. One serve per day is all you need to keep your body functioning optimally. Be sure to choose a gluten and dairy free supplement to keep your body alkaline.
  • Vitamin C is a scavenger of free radicals. Take a high potency powder instead of a tablet as it will be more readily absorbed.
  • Milk thistle is a herb which is used to help protect the liver and proven to be effective in detoxifying the body. When taken three weeks prior to amalgam removal, it assists in strengthening the body and maintaining a healthy immune system.


Mercury Amalgam Removal Fact Sheet – Nutritional Treatment Plan

Mercury can affect the nervous system by concentrating in the spinal fluid and also in the kidneys where it reduces detoxification functioning. It inhibits nerve growth and passes easily through the placental barrier.

Mercury is excreted from the body by the liver, kidneys and through the bowel. These elimination pathways need to work optimally in order for the body to be free from mercury contamination.

Herbal Health Waiheke has a range of options for Waiheke Dental Centre clients seeking assistance in mercury detoxification and can offer full naturopathic consultation for a reduced fee of $45 (normally $90) if required.

  1. Diagnosing mercury toxicity (pre or post amalgam removal).
  2. Preparing for amalgam removal and optimising the body’s nutritional status and detoxifying abilities.
  3. Supporting amalgam removal by providing an integrated detoxification program.
Step 1. DiagnosingHair Analysis Testing

Toxic elements may be 200-300 times more highly concentrated in hair than in blood or urine. Therefore, hair is the tissue of choice for detection of recent exposure to mercury. The comprehensive test is not invasive and also tests for other heavy metals and more than twenty essential nutrients such as calcium, zinc and iron.

Step 2. PreparingMetazinc tablets (60)

Each tablet contains 20mg highly absorbable zinc chelate with vitamin B6 to enhance immune function.

UltraPotent-C powder (200g)

Each teaspoon contains a high dose of easily absorbable vitamin C together with vitamin E, betacarotene and rutin in an easy-to-mix-and-drink oral powder for antioxidant and detoxification support.

Selenium Drink (100ml)

Selenium is intimately involved in the body’s antioxidant system and plays a fundamental role in reducing the toxic burden of mercury in the body. It has a pleasant blueberry taste and only 1ml is needed daily to get a full dose.

Step 3. SupportingUltra Flora Dairy Free Probiotic (30)

Probiotics play a vital role in helping in mercury detoxification. This blend contains lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium to assist in bowel elimination and immune functioning.
Clean Lean Pea Protein (500g)
This healthy vegetarian protein powder provides glutathione and other amino acids required to help support the liver detoxification pathways. It comes in either natural, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavours.

Milk Thistle Herbal Tonic (200mls)

Milk thistle is proven to be effective in supporting and nourishing the liver during amalgam removal. Simply take a teaspoon of liquid twice a day to assist in liver and bowel functioning.