A common issue we see with patients is dark 'gaps' between teeth, commonly referred to as "Black Triangles". This is due to gum and bone loss around the teeth. The two main causes are 'gum' disease and orthodontic movement. These are unsightly and ageing for a lot of people.

The great news, as you can see, is you can improve this with a technique termed 'Black Triangle Closure'. This can be done with laboratory made ceramic veneers, however this involves some cutting of the teeth and is very costly.

We, at Waiheke Dental Centre, prefer to close the Black Triangles by using white filling material (composite). This gets a great lasting result at a lower cost, with generally no cutting of the teeth... Also, unlike ceramic veneers, if a tooth is chipped in the future it is an easier (and cheaper) repair with no shade matching issues.

The images here are of a patient we saw which show the process from presentation, to super clean (to remove bacterial biofilm), to placement of special 'Black Triangle' matrices, to filling and light curing, and lastly a 'rockstar' polish for the final result.

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Black triangle teeth
Black triangle teeth - process