Do you need fillings or a tooth extraction? Here at Waiheke Dental Centre, we treat each patient - and each tooth - with the individual attention that each deserve.

When considering whether to extract a tooth, it’s especially important to consider all the options. Does the tooth really need to be extracted?  Or could a filling or other option be considered?

Afterwards, should the tooth be replaced with a removeable partial denture, with an implant, or nothing at all? Can the tooth be saved? Is there a root canal option? Are there gum issues? How will this affect the bite? Our staff will work together to develop a plan that is right for you.

Do You need Fillings?

Where possible will will always try to save a tooth by treatment including using fillings. Of course we will discuss all the options with you.

Dental Extraction Procedure

Your dental extraction can be done with the anaesthesia best for you depending on how anxious you are, how well numbness works for you, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, and other factors. Most importantly, share your concerns with us, and we’ll make recommendations.

Most procedures for dentistry have become much easier for patients over the years, including extractions. Our philosophy is to be gentle, fast, and as minimally intrusive as possible.

What To Expect With A Tooth Extraction

Not all dental extractions require antibiotics. In most cases, we’ll put a numbing dressing in the spot, that has antibiotic incorporated, rather than give you a prescription to take orally.

We generally give patients medicine for pain while they’re still in the office, in addition to a prescription for pain.

You’ll be given instructions for any bleeding, pain, or swelling, and an urgent number to call.

Most patients experience some soreness for a few days, with some minimal puffiness.