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Dear Mike, Erica and team at Waiheke Dental

Letting you know that WINZ approved the $200 payment for my dental treatment today and apparently it is direct credited to your account.

I also just wanted to acknowledge your kindness, understanding and generosity in your dealings with one who, in the short term anyway, is not a ‘high value’ client. It is very sobering to find oneself in the position of needing government support to live – at an age theoretically nearing retirement. It adds to my own compassion for others in need but it also makes me extremely aware of the people who are non-judgmental and supportive – and the extremely rare cases of businesses that treat people in all circumstances with respect and care. That of course comes down to the people who make up that business and you seem to have a remarkable team of like-minded people who genuinely care for their community.

So – big ups to all of you and thanks again.

(name supplied but withheld for privacy reasons)

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