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Yikes! Toddlers with rotten teeth!

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This will shock you!

Dentist Rob Beaglehole describes his recent experiences and having to extract teeth from a child only 18 months old in an article published by stuff.co.nz yesterday.


The article states:

“Each year 35,000 children aged under 12 have rotten teeth extracted because of excessively sugary diets”

“Struggling through school with the pain and distraction of rotting teeth could cause behavioural and development problems, while the early loss of baby teeth could cause adult teeth to grow irregularly and trigger the need for braces and other orthodontic interventions, Beaglehole said.”


This rings alarm bells for us! We must remember that healthy food keeps healthy teeth!

Take a look at the article published by stuff.co.nz yesterday on this and looking at the sugar some children are getting in their diet!

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