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How is sugar bad for our teeth again?

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We’ve all been told before that sugar is the enemy of our beloved tooth enamel, but here are those details that are handy to know…

Your mouth contains the natural bacteria Streptococcus. Once combined with sugar, this bacteria breaks sugar down into acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. The visible parts of your teeth are generally more safe than other areas (like crevices or areas around the gum line); when you brush your teeth or drink water the acids are mostly washed away. However, when the acids are tucked away somewhere in your mouth, they have more time to eat away at your teeth!

Our lovely hygienist Melanie has a good tip for your cleaning routine; when you floss, do it before you brush so areas that may have been blocked or covered before flossing can now be cleaned!

Check out this short video on how tooth decay occurs: Tooth Decay — How it Happens and How to Avoid it

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