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Free Dental Care for under 18 Year olds!

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Did you know that free dental treatment is available for students starting year 9 until their 18th birthday, under the government funded scheme?

We have a full-time Oral Health Specialist, Melanie Mitchell, who specialises in adolescent dental care and hygiene treatments. Melanie is here Monday to Friday.

All you need to do when moving from year 8 to year 9 is to contact us to register. Don’t worry, we will sort out the paperwork!

Maybe you know someone that goes to another school, or is already working (& under 18), that lives on the island, they are welcome to have their dental treatment here too as there are no ‘zones’ as to where you can attend.

Waiheke Dental Centre has been offering this service for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on our proactive, preventative approach to adolescent oral health.

We also do free fast braces assessments for those of you who want to straighten out a few wayward pearly whites!

If you would like to know more about Fast Braces give us a call and we can book an assessment where Dr. Mike can walk you through the options and discuss whether Fastbraces are the right option for your child (or even yourself!).

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