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Fantastic new restoration technique!!

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Bioclear ‘Shrink wrap’ restorations

The Bioclear matrix system is the latest and most advanced method to restore and rebuild teeth. From replacing old fillings, while saving as much of your tooth as possible, to rebuilding teeth, to creating tooth veneers without removing any of your tooth structure!

Bioclear: What is it?

Bioclear matrix is an innovative new approach to the traditional ‘white filling’ technique. The Bioclear method is a minimally invasive, strong and natural looking restoration to enhance and strengthen worn, broken and unsightly teeth. It is NOT bonding even though they both use composite because Bioclear uses a specially designed clear matrix and warm injection moulding technique that makes it monolithic and not layered. It ‘shrink wraps’ to your tooth. Monolithic means it is three times stronger than bonding and nearly as strong as porcelain fillings and veneer.

Bioclear is designed to fix many problems.

It can strengthen teeth, fix dark triangles, repair broken or chipped teeth and rejuvenate front teeth edges. All is of this is done without damaging your tooth structure.

Many patients are opting for this new technique for restoration as it is minimally invasive, strong and provides excellent results.

The cost may be slightly higher than the regular bonding, but considering they are 3 times stronger than the traditional bonding, it is well worth the additional cost. But the real advantage to having the Bioclear method done versus traditional veneers is saving your natural tooth from having to be trimmed down. When you consider tooth structure is priceless, Bioclear is provided at a great price.

It is essential to weigh all the factors in determining which treatment option is best for you.

Our team will go over the options available at our office, which could include porcelain, bonding, or Bioclear to help restore broken or decayed teeth and eliminate imperfections in your smile. While the price of each varies, it is worth considering the longevity, final results, and ultimately which one will do the job needed.

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